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    How to connect central and peripheral to hello_client at the same time

      According to hello_client application implementation, hello_client can behave as central and peripheral at the same time.

      However, I am facing below paring problem. If you have any suggestion, please let me know kindly.



      - I am trying to establish below 2 connections simultaneously.

      Connection 1 :

        central : iOS (Light blue app)

        peripheral : WICED Smart (hello_client app)

      Connection 2 :

        central : (hello_client app)

        peripheral : WICED Smart (hello_sensor app)

      - I’d like to use passkey bonding for Connection 1.

      - I confirmed Connection 1 and Connection 2 can establish successfully if not simultaneous.

      <Problem A> Cannot establish simultaneous connection.

      1. Establish Connection 2 ( hello_client and hello_sensor) successfully.

      2. After 1, try to make Connection 1 (iOS and hello_client), but it fails.

          iOS displays “paring confirmation dialog”, and user select OK. However, connection fails.

      LOG is attached (paring_fail_1.txt)

      <Problem A'> Cannot establish simultaneous connection.

      When I modify hello_client_create as below, Connection 1 establish successfully.

      However, Connection 2 becomes to be failed.


      +   lesmp_setSMPRole(LESMP_ROLE_RESPONDERS)

          // we will not do scan until user pushes the button for 5 seconds


      LOG is attached (paring_fail_2.txt)

      Do you have any idea to establish Connection 1 and Connection 2 at a time?

      <Problem B> Cannot connect hello_sensor and hello_client with passkey paring

      On default, hello_client and hello_sensor connect with Just Works.

      To use passkey paring I modified as below. After the modification paring

      between hello_client and hello_sensor cannot connect.

          // Uncomment the following line to enable passkey pairing. Change passKey[] below to the desired key.

      -   // #define PASSKEY_PAIRING

      +   #define PASSKEY_PAIRING

      x     lesmp_setPairingParam(

      -             LESMP_IO_CAP_DISP_NO_IO,          

          // IOCapability,

      -+            LESMP_IO_CAP_DISP_ONLY,

      LOG is attached (passkey_paring_fail.txt)

      Thank you very much for your support!!