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    PSoC4 iBeacon & Eddystone Beacon


      I want to create simultaneous iBeacon & Eddystone Beacon using PSoC4.

      The plan is the dynamically update Advertisement data after every advertisement period in my case it is 150ms.

      Took reference from Dynamic broadcaster project and I am able to achieve it. Attaching the source for it.

      But I need it to be as power efficient as possible. What should be the best approach to do it?

      One option is to after advertisement is finished I update the Advertisement packet and put system in deep sleep. Then again wake up and repeat after each advertisement.

      Is there any reference code available to do so?

      How do I periodically wake up the controller from standby and go back to sleep? Using some timer or are there any events generated by BLE stack that I can use?

      I am expecting no substantial increase in current compared to regular advertisement and CPU in deep sleep.