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    USB/RS485 cable CDC class




      I need an USB/RS485 converter that supports the USB CDC (communication driver class) class and Windows 10.

      Current application doesn't require flow control. Only the RX, TX and DE signals will be used.

      I wasn't able to find ready USB/RS485 cables. An USB/RS485 cable from FTDI doesn't work because it uses the USB Vendor class, though it appears as a virtual COM port too.

      PC software functions correctly, if RS232 is selected as a COM port. My PCBs use the RS485 interface. At the moment, I'm using a self-made RS232/RS485 converter. It operates flawlessly. However, USB connection is very important for my customers.

      In my opinion, the CY7C65213A-28PVXI device is acceptable.However, this integrated circuit will require undesirable PCB development and some additional configuration.

      Is a development board available or do you know other third parties who manufacture USB/RS485 cables based on CY7C65213A-28PVXI? Otherwise, I'll be forced to make a prototype.


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