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    Program CYBT WICED BT/BLE modules in-circuit - what methods have been developed?


      WICED BT/BLE modules, CYBT-xxxxxx are typically programmed from a PC running a WICED IDE connected through a USB to UART device that translates the serial stream over USB. What other options exist to program or re-program CYBT modules and where are they documented?

      Option 1) Program Module before soldering onto board

           This can typically be performed using DATA I/O type chip programming equipment at distributors

      Option 2) Program Module in-circuit after soldered onto board

           UART - Given pads provided to allow an ICT fixture or flying probe to connect to UART interface - there should be a method to update module memory.

           JTAG - Is there a JTAG interface on CYBT modules?

           I2C - Is it possible to use a Cypress MiniProg3 to program a CYBT module ??

           OTA - An Over the Air update typically requires some code pre-loaded onto the module that can accept and store the OTA code


      Note: AN220929 describes the process to program a module when connected to a running WICED IDE. In addition to the physical interfaces that can be used, what files should be loaded into what locations and how – to program a module without actively running WICED IDE to program each module?


      Most of the information I've found online is for WiFi modules. I'm specifically looking here for methods to program WICED based Bluetooth only modules to ensure a production ready method exists to update programs to modules after build of final assembly.


      Thanks in advance for all thoughts, references and examples.