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    6V BLDC

      Hi guys,

      I am a beginner. Is it possible to control 6V BLDC motor with CY8CKIT-037? I do the tutorial (with 24V motor) and everything goes ok. When I change the motor and connect the cables properly nothing happened only the LED2 is blinking. Should I change sth?

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          Hello Gabriel,


          The CY8CKIT-037 contains a DC-DC switching regulator which takes input voltages from 7V-75V and converts to 12V with 1.5 A(when input is greater than 13V) current capability. If the input goes below 7.35 V, LM5005 will be in an inactive state. Now this 12 V is used to drive the dual H-bridge driver chips. So that will be problem in your case.


          Now in terms of firmware you have to do modifications in it according to the motor. Please check "Adapting the Code Example to another Motor" section in the kit guide.


          Best Regards,

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            Thank you for the response! I haven't solved it yet but I connect the cables once again (I saw play in one of them) and now the LED2 is not blinking but shining, but still, the motor doesn't run.


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              Thank you for help! I reduce the value of PIOUT_MAX and the motor starts runing.