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    Secure bootloader fails in Keil


      I am using the example project 002-22802_CE222802 to build the bootloader in Keil and it fails code validation.  If I set #define UNLOCK_SYSTEM   (1u) in the cm0 project, it can run to cm0 main().  I attached the project and the pack exported from the example.  What is wrong with my Keil project?  The example works fine for PSoC Creator.  Also, I loaded the bootloader built with PSoC Creator and can load the app1 example built with Keil but when app1 is running and I hold down the button to restart the bootloader, it immediately goes back to running app1.  This does not happen if I build app1 with PSoC Creator.  Does anyone know why this happens?

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          The app1 example doesn't work when built with Keil either.  The bootloader SDK document says make this change:

          /* Application number (ID) */

          __cy_app_id                 EQU 1


          The demo source code has:

          /* Application number (ID) */

          __cy_app_id                 EQU 2


          If I change it to 1 the host app gives this error:

          - The bootloader reported error 'The flash row is not valid for the selected array.'.


          Can someone make Keil projects for both app0 and app1 for 002-22802_CE222802?