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    CYW43430 How to Enter in Limited Discovery Mode

      Hi all,


      I have a CYW43430, in a Raspberry PI (I do not need help in PI, forgot this PI, its only to see that i cant access the CYW43430 firmware)...


      I can to inquiry and some orthers commands, but i cant do some others commands, due the poor documention and samples, but the community help is so rich....


      I need to put the CYW43430 in "limited dicovery mode".. i see the bluetooth core 4 docto, how do, but do not have commands, only explain that i need to put flag AD in this state... My question is: How i set this flags? How i wait for response for any pair os something? In the Bluetooth core 4 do not have any command. I think the CYW43430 is in "general discoverable mode", becuase he is discoverable for any other device at any time. Or he is in "limited discoverable mode" when i use inquiry mode?


      Or if do not is in this forum or site, plz helpme to find, i search in the google, bu any success.....




      Ty a lot, and sry for my eng.

      Moacir Jr.

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          Actually, If we want to do a test on Bluetooth functions , and do not want to jump into OS debugging , we can download Cybluetool,  and wire out UART to a PC,  then we can do many BT commands test based on CYbluetool.   and Do you consider to do Bluetooth debugging based on Wiced solution ?   we have 43430 evb and wiced system already in the release.