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    FX3 / AR0134 Image sesnor - Black Screen output to USB.


      FX3 / AR0134 Image Sensor – Not working ( Black Screen).

      Design is based on App note:  AN75779

      How to Implement an Image Sensor Interface Using EZ-USB FX3 in a USB Video Class (UVC) Framework

      · Using the Cypress  (CYUSB3KIT-003 EZ-USB® FX3™ SuperSpeed Explorer Kit)

      · Using the extension board (CYUSB3ACC-004) with a custom adaptor board with a AR0134 Image Sensor.

      Hardware checklist:

      • Proper voltages getting to Custom sensor board adaptor.
      • All Clock's look fine.

      Software checklist:

      • I added code to decode correct Hardware Device ID and turn on LED.

             – Inside debugger I made sure it is getting to next step past (SensorI2cBusTest).

      • I2C address and registers have been changed and confirmed with logic analyzer. - (I even do a bus decode to confirm).
      • Added a test pattern – to  know what would be sent out.

      Other tests checklist:

      • Probing the address bus – I see the data line change per the ( test pattern I’m sending).
      • Reading Section 8 of AN75779  – (Troubleshooting)

      Added debug switch in the uvc.h file (DEBUG_PRINT_FRAME_COUNT)

      Response: UVC: Completed 0 frames and 0 buffers

      Counter is at zero and never changes:

      Note from app note:  If you do not see the incremental frame counter in the PC terminal program, there is probably a problem with the interface between FX3 and the image sensor (GPIF or sensor control/initialization).



      I'm still using the same file (cyfxgpif2config.h) generated from the GPIF editor - from  AN75779.

      It enumerates correctly and shows up as the correct device FX3 - Using VirtualDub or other camer programs I just a black screen.



      Does this mean I need to make changes in State machine, and I have a timing issue?


      I'm not sure how to make the changes needed in GPIF editor -- I have Sensor Spec , but it is under NDA.