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    CAN communication


      I am looking for a better way to use CAN communications to read and transmit messages on a vehicle CAN system. I’m still a young engineer, so my experience is limited with microcontrollers, but I have used the CY8CKIT-059 PSOC 5 kit extensively in a college course, to the point of purchasing a couple for personal projects. We currently are using a neoECU10 for communications, but there have been many issues with use and support.  I have looked through some of the parts you have, but don’t understand the small details enough to pick a part, as well if you had anything pre-mounted. Would you have a board setup similar to the one I have used, but with the overvoltage and CAN communication built in.  Alternatively, would you have a setup with just the main chip of the CY8CKIT-059 that I could tie everything to, using the programmer of one full kit to program all the other half kits.  We’re dealing with a product previously developed by a different company and are trying to get up to speed first, but if cost and ease of use pan out, we may make a product switch some time down the road, depending on development ability.