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    Failure of S29GL128P10TFI01 parallel NOR flash



         I am trying to use S29GL128P10TFI01 parallel NOR flash (16MB) with MPC852 processor using local bus to create a custom embedded VxWorks system. But when in the process of using this chip, we have the following problems:

         1. After many times power-up and power-down, the startup file or the file in the flash can not be found or to be formatted.

        2. Repeated occurrence of serial port without printing;

        At present, after preliminary position, The problem is initially positioned at FLASH.

        In addition,Our FLASH uses 3.3V power supply and the power ripple is less than 150 mV. the address line layout of flash is not equal in length, the length gap between the longest address line and the shortest address line is 50 mm, the data line is equal in length, the clock of our processor is 50 MHz, no PLL processing, and the RY/BY# of FLASH chip was unconnected. Have you met similar problems before? Or a batch of chips in your company often have similar problems. The label on the surface of chip S29GL128P10TFI01 is S29GL128P10TFI01 706FF309C@05 SPANSION.

      Thanks in Advance.


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