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    i2c Screen issues

      Hello, I am trying to create a project that will allow a keypad to interact with an i2c OLED display. I have run into problems with the display because I created a PCB that everything would be soldered on to, and the chip would be removed the from the board and placed onto headers. The problem is that the i2c screen doesn't like to be programmed by the chip, and I have to use jumper wires to the psoc4 board, to the screen for it to be programmed. Any ideas?


      Another note, I was kind of able to have the keyboard pseudo-communicating with the screen, but the code I wrote for it must have had some issues.

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          I guess that should be an I2C issue.  I used one OLED as slave before and it works well. Some problems I met are FYI.

          When PSoC4 configured as I2C master, must use external I2C pull-ups.

          Use another I2C master tool to check if the OLED I2C slave can be emulated and check if it can be programmed.

          Are there any hardware connection issue for OLED circuits? When I developed the code, the module I bought from internet can work well, but my PCB soldered by myself can not work... Then I found there was a hardware problem on my PCB...