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    Is it possible to use Shared Link for a USB3 + USB2 device that are both contained in a single pluggable module connected with USB Type-C?


      I have a system with a custom USB-C hub/interface board that supports many test modules. Each test module contains a USB3 device and USB2 device. Shared Link would be attractive if I could connect each of these test modules to a single port in a Cypress hub on the hub/interface board.


      I see that the HX3 datasheet requires separate VBUS controls for the embedded devices. Could the system meet this requirement by sending VBUS control info over the SBU pins after negotiating a proprietary alternate mode over USB Type-C PD?


      I see that Shared Link requires that the USB3 device be present from power-up onward. Is there a firmware-accessible reset that our hub/interface board processor could trigger when one of our devices is plugged in? If not, would the system work if we only power-up the HX3 when all devices are stable and somehow disable ports that do not have USB3 devices when we power up?


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