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    Why RD_START is never started?




      RD_START is the START State for read command.

      SRAM_READ_COMMAND, CyU3PGpifSMSwitch start state changed to RD_START.


      Linux application read from endpoint 0x81.

      r = cyusb_bulk_transfer(h1, 0x81, buf, 64, &transferred, timeout * 1000);


      But never detect transaction over GPIF to FPGA interface. How to make it work?

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          - Have you passed the vendor command with the request 0xBB before reading data from the FX3?

          - Is there any error code returned on the cyusb_bulk_transfer() function call? If yes, please mention the same.

          - Before using the cyusb_bulk_transfer() function call, have you obtained the handle to the device, checked if the kernel driver is active and claimed the interface using the cyusb_gethandle(), cyusb_kernel_driver_active() and cyusb_claim_interface() function calls respectively.


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