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    KEIL ライセンス・エラーの件(code 9939)


      KEILのライセンスを更新しようとしたところ下図のようなエラーが発生しました。(code 9939)





      (現状ではcode 9939の改善方法はない?)

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      code 9939のエラーが解消される予定日などあれば教えて頂ければと存じます。



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          Suggested workaround:

          1) Users who have installed PSoC Creator recently can continue to compile their projects for a trial period of 30 days with the standard Keil 2K evaluation version which comes by default but it will not be able to compile applications with code size greater than 2kB. If the trial period is completed you will see the error "INCORRECT LICENSE ID CODE (LIC) IN 'TOOLS.INI'" generated by the compiler.

          2) Users who are reinstalling PSoC Tools on the same machine can reuse their license they originally got if they haven’t expired by modifying the ‘tools.ini’ file as mentioned in step 2 on the page Registration of Keil Compiler in PSoC Creator.

          3) Users who do not fall in the above two categories must wait until mid-December 2018 tentatively for the renewed license.

          4) Users can also opt to purchase the full version of the Keil tools if work is being affected. The license can be purchased here.