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    Re: Can I use  J-link Debugger to debug WICED? (con't)

      As a follow on to this closed thread here: can i use jlink to download image from wiced sdk?

      I looked on the gathering however individuals were all requesting that how utilize the Jlink with GDB.. I have purchased a J-Link Edu and I have the olimex wire and I have associated the test to the PSoC 4 Pioneer however now what.. I recently believed that the J-Link would control the chip and PSoC maker would remember it.. Have I got this all retrogressive.. my involvement with programming devices is completely restricted to the ones microchip give so I am endeavoring to utilize it like their apparatuses (ICD, PICKIT) I realize the PSoC pioneer 4 has a worked in debugger yet I needed to experiment with my jlink as I will fabricate custom pcbs soon and need to perceive how they function..