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    Bluetooth Testing Facility questions



      We are currently going through Bluetooth testing with a facility from Taiwan, and they have questions which I am not sure I know the answer to, if anyone could please offer some guidance that would be greatly appreciated:



      Pixit ReferenceIdentifierSub-IdentifierValueUnits
      RF-PHY:P1:1Inband Image FrequencyLow FrequencyMHz
      RF-PHY:P1:2Medium FrequencyMHz
      RF-PHY:P1:3High FrequencyMHz
      RF-PHY:P2:1Value for n Intermodulation TestLow FrequencyInteger
      RF-PHY:P2:2Middle FrequencyInteger
      RF-PHY:P3:3High FrequencyInteger
      RF-PHY:P7:1Test interface ImplementationHCI or 2-wire UARTHCI
      RF-PHY:P8:1Antenna GainLowdBi


      The values with blank spaces are where I need help. I believe I have to get the Antenna gain tested from a lab to get the results, but the rest are they something I can look for on the datasheet? I am using the BCM20732 SOC.


      Would really appreciate some help here.