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    Why not use supply voltage [5V0] as trigger to start bootloader ?



      My product has an i2c connection (Vcc, Gnd, Sda, Scl) which is easy accessable. Programming connection are inside the product and difficult to access.

      Until now I use a bootloader which waits 2 seconds for i2c bootloader trigger and after that it starts the normal application with the possibility to skip this waiting time by i2c command

      It works but makes startup procedures and bootloading pretty complex to start [not only using the I2C Bootloading Application].


      Now I was thinking why not trigger the bootloader by applying 5V0 to the Vcc ? My application always uses 3V3 so if I let the bootloader start as soon as 5V0 is applied it would make life much easier.


      Before rewriting this part of my project I would like to know does anyone use this same concept ? Am I overlooking something ?