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    CY4532 kit not able to boot after loading modified firmware.

      I am currently using the CY4532 kit for USB-PD application.

      I made some changes in the “CYPD 3171-24LQXQ-cla” firmware and tried flashing its hex using EZ-PD Configuration utility through the I2C Bootloader.

      The device did not flash successfully, afterwards the device is not getting recognized also.

      In the EZ-PD configuration utility the following message is coming.


      0 HID devices found.

      1 USB-Serial Bridge devices found.

      Could not establish PD contract.


      All the jumper settings are fine, I cross checked it. Even the original hex file also is not getting flashed now, because device is not getting recogniZed. The original configuration was getting flashed earlier without any issues.


      I have already referred the AN218179 - GETTING STARTED WITH EZ-PD(TM) CCG3PA and verified all the jumper settings and configuration.

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