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    PSOC4 water proof cap touch design


      I am using PSOC4 CSD component for water proof cap touch design. The design is a single cap touch button with shield and guard. The cap touch button will install on a car body that suppose can operate under rain and snow environment. The cap touch button can not be false trigger by rain and snow. Are there any standard methods to test the behavior of the cap touch button under rain and snow environment. How can I guarantee that the cap touch button will not be false triggered in different outdoor environment (eg. rain snow and others...….)

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          Since your application is for car body, please note that during rainfall/ snow the liquid should not form any conductive path to ground. If it happens the buttons will false trigger because of added parasitic capacitance due to conductive path.


          Also, for your application you have to design guard in such a way that the guard sensor gets triggered with enough amount of snow/ water (that might form short circuit path to ground).


          Coming to to the methods for testing this, you can create an environment with varying temperature around the CapSense button. You can also test with grounded water and grounded snow.