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    Address of a variable and a function in map file


      43xxx_Wi-Fi project:

      I added MyFile.c at this path

      Contents of MyFile.c is as follows

      /******start of MyFile.c *******/
      int MyVariable;

      void MyFunction()
      MyVariable = 1;
      /******end of MyFile.c *******/


      MyFile1.c is included in makefile bluetooth_audio.mk as follows
      $(NAME)_SOURCES    := bluetooth_audio.c \
                                                 MyFile1.c \
      When I compile (snip.bluetooth_audio-CYW943907WAE3) the code,compilation is successful.


      As per my understanding in map file snip.bluetooth_audio-CYW943907WAE3.map
      (at path 43xxx_Wi-Fi_Exp\build\snip.bluetooth_audio-CYW943907WAE3\binary)
      I should be able to see the address of 'MyVariable' declared in MyFile.c
      and address of 'MyFunction' defined in MyFile.c

      But even after successful compilation why i am not able to see address of 'MyVariable'
      and 'MyFunction'?