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    Debugger disconnects


      This is driving me mad. I cannot get the debugger to stay connected long enough to do any debugging! I constantly get errors of this type:

      Error: dbg.M0007: The run request failed.  Encountered error (Warning:

      Cannot insert hardware breakpoint 1.

      Cannot insert hardware breakpoint 2.

      Could not insert hardware breakpoints:

      You may have requested too many hardware breakpoints/watchpoints.


      In the current setup I have but one breakpoint. What's really going on is that the debugger can't see the microprocessor. I have read all the posts I can find of this ilk, and  I have the system set up for SWD debugging, no protection on the flash, which proved problematic for others. I am not debugging any sleep or low-power code.


      Is there something amiss in my project (attached)?


      Does anybody have a suggestion?



      PSoC Creator  4.2 (

      Culture: English (United States)

      OS Version: Microsoft Windows NT 10.0.17134.0

      CLR Version: 4.0.30319.42000



      Installed CyInstaller Products:

      Peripheral Driver Library 3.0.1

      PSoC Programmer 3.27.1

      PSoC Creator 4.2



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          I tried similar thing with my current project.

          At first I set 5 break points, then I tried start debug.

          The debugger refused to start with similar dialog with yours.


          So, I tried to delete all break  points with the menu

          Debug > Delete All Breakpoints


          This allowed me to debug the program again, though all the break points were lost.



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            Thanks, Motoo, but it has nothing to do with breakpoints being over the limit (4?). In the particular case I'm working, I have only one breakpoint set, and I typically don't even need one, to reproduce this behavior.

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              Off my head the limit of hardware break point was 4, so I intentionally added 5.


              At least with this I could reproduce a situation when I can not even start the debugger.

              So I was wondering if there could be some unintentionally left over break points

              somewhere in your project. And if it was the case, deleting all break points

              could have changed the situation.


              Meantime, although I could not reproduce it again, during my experimental of this issue,

              one time I could set a break point where no mnemonic should have been generated

              and with that break point, the debugger failed to start and similar dialog showed up.

              (I tried to reproduce this but in vain)


              If I remember correct, you also had problem with debugger behavior in another thread,

              may be your PSoC Creator has got some damage.

              Re-installing PSoC Creator may fix the problem, if you can afford time.


              As usual, I'm sorry for not being helpful.



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                Reinstallation is an idea I'd not considered. It's always worth a shot. I find that it appears that a prior version of code debugs better, but I can't take that as fact yet, but I'll compare versions.

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                  Reinstallation did not seem to help at all. Bummer.

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                    Thank you for your taking time and pain.

                    And I'm sorry for another misjudgment.


                    BTW, Is this issue happening only with your current project?

                    In other words, can you debug other program/project without problem?


                    If it happens with other known good project, may be it's time to suspect hardware.



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                      I tried to build your project the last line of compiler reports


                      Flash used: 59424 of 262144 bytes (22.7%).

                      SRAM used: 23684 of 32768 bytes (72.3%). Stack: 4096 bytes. Heap: 4096 bytes.


                      So you are using 4KB for Stack and 4KB for Heap

                      and you have about 9KB SRAM left.


                      I wonder how much elbow room BLE and your system requires,

                      there may be a memory shortage.


                      If that is the case, just for test,

                      how about reducing Stack size and Heap size and

                      see if it will affect the debugger or not?



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                        BLE is not being used in this project. It was on the original plan, so we kept the same processor, but BLE is not turned on.


                        I have pushed the stack and heap both from 0x800 to 0x1000, with no change. I have no idea why one would decrease the stack or heap. I've never encountered a situation where the stack was too deep

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                          Sorry, should have expand, but I don't know how much more we can/should expand.


                          Meantime, have you had chance to test with a simpler project which is known to be good?



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                            In case you verified that your hardware (board, debugger, and PC) are fine,

                            I'd recommend you to submit a technical support request from


                            Cypress Home Page -> My account -> MyCases -> Get help -> Technical Support


                            And let me apologize you for not having forwarded you to the technical support earlier.



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                              No need for apology, Motoo - you have been very supportive. Time for the support request, I guess.
                              Thank you.


                              Edit: Heh - the MyCases page points back to the Community, so I guess I've gotten to the end of the road.

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                                Thanks, Bob, but nothing there seems to indicate a question to engineering. It seem appropriate if I have a questionable invoice or similar. There seems to be a strong push to get the questions into the Community. The only topics even in the ball park are "Customer Exception" and "Datasheet". Certainly this is an exception, but likely not one the site designers were thinking about.

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                                  I made a simple project to test your debug environment.

                                  So please use this to confirm that your hardware (at least UART, LED and debug connection) is OK.


                                  Meantime, during the course of creating this project,

                                  I noticed that your LED pin configuration looks odd.




                                  Your schematic suggests that your LEDs are pulled up and

                                  LED_B, LED_G, LED_R should be negative logic.

                                  But your pin configuration is



                                  So I modified these to



                                  May be your hardware requires positive logic to turn LEDs on,

                                  then return these pin configs to Open drain, driving high or Strong drive.


                                  Anyway, I hope that at least you can confirm that your debugging hardware is working.



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