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    SWD IF voltage of MiniProg3 at +5.0V


      We are considering PSoC4M.

      And using MiniProg3 to write to the device.


      Our system is +5V only.

      Therefore, the target device setting to +5V will not recognize the device.

      If it is set to + 3.3 V, it will operate normally.


      So we confirmed the SWD IF at +5V,



      VDDIO : +5V

      SWDIO : +3.3V peak Square wave

      SWDCLK : +3.3V peak Square wave


      The above operation was also the same with CY8CKIT-046.

      However, CY8CKIT-046 operates normally even at target voltage setting +5V.


      Is this SWD operation correct when setting the target voltage +5V?



      I am in trouble because I can not find the difference between the designed board and the demo kit.




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          could you please clarify following points?


          1) Please make sure that SWDIO/SWDCLK pins and XRES pin are connected properly on your own board.

          2) Please make sure the appropriate device (on your board) is selected with PSoC creator. (this is just confirmation, since you compare with CY8CKIT-046 but your board has PSoC 4L.)

          3) Please check the Port configuration in PSoC creator when you intend to connect to your own board. you can open "Options" window with selecting  menu "Tools" --> "Options" and check "Program/Debug"-->"Port Configuration", like following example.

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            Thank you for your advice.


            I confirm confirmed the datasheet of MiniProg3.



            When the target voltage is set to 5 V in PSoC Programmer or PSoC Creator,

            MiniProg3 provides SCLK and SDAT signals at 3.3 V.



            Confirm the above description,
            I understood that this is normal operation at 5V.


            When I tried it with the 5pin interface of MiniProg3,

            A connection with PSoC 4 was established without problem even at 5V at 3.3V.

            It did not depend on the presence or absence of reset connection.


            I am looking for the difference between 5pin and 10pin of MiniProg3.


            When set to 5 V using MiniProg's 10 pin connector,
            Even with MiniProg3 or external power supply, PSoC 4 can not communicate.


            We will confirm the voltage loss by the ribbon cable.




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              The problem was found by debugging.


              I confirmed it by connecting a 10 pin connector to the 5 pin interface confirmed the other day.

              Then we could confirm the connection even with the 10 pin interface at 5V supply.


              The difference between 10 pin connector and 5 pin connector is the distance from the PSoC4 device.

              Although 5 pin connector is near, 10pin connector has a considerably separated layout.


              If the device and SWD interface are separated,
              I understood that it can connect at 3 V but can not connect at 5 V.


              Thank you,


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                We would like to confirm about MiniProg3.


                When 5V was supplied to PSoC4L,
                We understood that SWD communication voltage was 3.3 V.


                Connection can not be made depending on the arrangement distance of the SWD interface. Only at 5 V.
                Could you tell us SWD VIH and SWD VIL of MiniProg3 at 5V?




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                  Sorry for late...

                  The logic levels for MiniProg3 with VTARG = 5V shall be as below

                  VIL = 0.8V (max)

                  VIH = 2V (min)