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    Should I give up on PSOC1 design and use PSOC4 instead?


      I don't see any reasonable way to debug PSOC1 SW beyond only simple things. I have the POD but cannot get the proper attachments for CY8C20247s. Am I wrong here?


      I am simply trying to create a single capsense sensor on a board that does some processing, counting and display.


      I have been using the psoc1 for a long time, the program I have is extensive but I find myself unable to add the new features I would like.


      Should I give up on PSOC1 and go with another family like psoc 4?

      What is the best way to convert the sw from posc1 to psoc4?

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          There is no new development on the PSoC1 family, even Cypress suggests to use PSoC 4,5 or 6 for new projects.

          I would suggest you to get hands on a PSoC4 Pioneer Kit and a PSoC 4 prototyping kit. The latter you can really use as your prototype, the Pioneer kit is good to study all the examples. You will need Creator 4.2 as the IDE.

          Capsense, display driving counting etc. are done easily on a PSoC 4 although it will take a bit of work to replace the APIs with the new ones.



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