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    how to change cx3 vsync polarity


      Hi all,

      I am trying to develop uvc camera using omni vision mipi sensor.

      But there is no sensor register to invert vsync polarity.

      So can I change cx3 vsync polarity to match ov sensor?

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          CX3 MIPI receiver generates the VSYNC and HSYNC as per the MIPI data received.

          Hence, you do not need to change any settings.


          Please let us know what is need of changing the vsync polarity when MIPI CSI-2 receiver is able to recive the MIPI data and generates VSYNC and HSYNC as per state machine required.

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            Sorry for my misunderstanding about VSYNC of cx3.

            After several days work, I got the vsync and hsync on cx3 testpoint and when I opened amcap.exe, the uart debug messages printed following lines continuously.




            prod =31  Cons=30 Prtl_Sz =4304  Frm_Cnt = 2510  Frm_Sz= 1145600

            prod =30  Cons=30 Prtl_Sz = 1104 Frm_Cnt = 2511  Frm_Sz= 1142400

            prod =31  Cons=31 Prtl_Sz = 2704 Frm_Cnt = 2512  Frm_Sz= 1144000

            prod =31  Cons=30 Prtl_Sz = 5904 Frm_Cnt = 2513 Frm_Sz= 1147200

            prod =31  Cons=30 Prtl_Sz = 4304 Frm_Cnt = 2514  Frm_Sz= 1145600




            But I still got black window. So what's next ? is the timing not correct?


            Another question is:  in CX3 MIPI Receiver Configuration, there is a lot parameters ( THS-Prepare, THS-Zero, H-Blanking ,V-Blanking...)

            But in the final result CyU3PMipicsiCfg_t  table , I don't see any of these. is the table already contain the whole information?


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              The parameters provided in image sensor configuration Tab of CX3 MIPI tool are used to calculate the clock division to stream the desired bandwidth. Hence, in the CyU3PMipicsiCfg_t structure you will see only only info. related to clock divisions and data output format of MIPI bridge.


              Please provide the snap shots of MIPI tool - Receiver Configuration tab for review.

              As per the debug prints, the frame size is varying for each frame. Is this expected in your case?

              What is the video format of the video?