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    FX3 loading from I2C EEPROM at address other than 0xA0.



      I am working on a device that has two EEPROMS on the I2C bus.  Unfortunately, the EEprom at the default 0xA0 address is not large enough to hold the image and we would like to boot from the device that is addressed as 0xA8 (write).  Is there any way to configure FX3 to boot from this?


      I have thought of using the example bootloader code, and changing it to read from the EEPROM with address 0xA8 and then loading this into the EEPROM at 0xA0 (that is too small for the actual image, assuming it will fit.)  Then I would load the actual image where we want it and am wondering if this would be a valid setup.  So I would picture the device powering up, and booting from the small eeprom at 0xA0 and that bootloader then goes out and boots from the eeprom at 0xA8 that has the actual code and then boots that code.  Is this correct/possible behavior?  Is there an easier way?


      Thanks for your help,


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          Hi Kevin,


          FX3 only support multiple I2C EEPROMs of SAME SIZE which image file can be stored across EEPROMs as a contiguous image as in a single I2C EEPROM. And only one image can be stored on I2C EEPROM, no redundant images are allowed. So I don't think your way would work.

          If your two EEPROMs share the same size, then there would be no problem because bootloader supports loading the image across multiple I2C EEPROM devices.