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    Creating a pulse using two TimerCounters and a T Flip-Flop

      I am trying to create a pulse train of LOW (1000 ms) and HIGH (250 ms)  on the PSoC 6 BLE board.


      I am quite new to PSoC, and my attempt shown below does not produce any output.


      Screen Shot 2018-11-26 at 3.10.49 pm.png


      Both timers are configured as one-shot. The idea I am trying to implement is that Timer1 will toggle the flip-flop at t1, also starting Timer2, which will then toggle the flip-flop at t1 + dt, simultaneously restarting Timer1.  Maybe it has to do with the overflow/start timings, but the above does not work.


      (I realise that 1000ms/250ms pulse can be created using PWM, but I may need much shorter pulses - like 1000ms + 10 us, which may not be possible with PWM because of the duty cycle resolution.)


      I've attached the project as well. Thank you for any help.