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    Cannot flash binaries to hyperflash

      We are  using imxrt 1050 custom board. In that we we are using S26KS512SDPBHI02. By internal fault in the regulator of 1.8V, the 1.8V rail and ground are shorted. This 1.8V is going to hyper flash and NVCC_SD1 pin of IMXRT 1050. After replacing the regulator we tried to flash the binaries to  hyperflash with MFG-Tool. But we can't flash the device . It gets error. In MFG tool log, te below error I am getting.



      ModuleID[2] LevelID[10]: ExecuteCommand--Blhost[WndIndex:0], Body is receive-sb-file "Profiles\MXRT105X\OS Firmware\boot_image.sb"

      ModuleID[2] LevelID[10]: PortMgrDlg(0)--Path=\\.\hid#vid_15a2&pid_0073#7&14a581f7&0&0000#{4d1e55b2-f16f-11cf-88cb-001111000030}

      ModuleID[2] LevelID[1]:  Program Boot Image.  [WndIndex:0] {


         "command" : "receive-sb-file",


         "response" : [],


         "status" : {


            "description" : "20106 (0x4E8A) kStatus_FlexSPINOR_CommandFailure",


            "value" : 20106





      I just want to confirm whether hyperflash is gone bad or processor is gone bad. With the above error can I confirm that?. I Just measured the processor out voltages, that all coming.

      And I probed chip select and clock. When we give START in MFG tool processor is sending Clock and Chip select. But in that time only it gets error and chip select gets high and clock gets low.

      How can I confirm that hyperflash is working or not?

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          Can you try reading the device ID for the Hyperflash. If you get a valid device ID the flash will be working.




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            Thanks Pradipta for your reply. As I am a person from hardware background, Can you please explain, how to read the device ID.

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              Hi Pradipta,


              Thanks for your fast response. I am a person from hardware background. I

              don't know much about software part. So can you please tell me how to

              read the device ID for hyperflash.


              Looking forward to your reply.


              Thanks & Best Regards,



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                Hi Shafeeq,


                Can you try a POR on the device and probe the RSTO# pin. The RSTO# output will transition from the LOW to HIGH impedance state after tVCS, plus any additional user defined POR extension time, after VCC(min) has been reached. Can you check for this transition in the device. You can refer to the wave form in the datasheet for this under POR (Cold Reset) section.

                If you see this then device is completing the POR normally.


                Also, the device will draw ICC7(max = 100 mA) current. If CS# is LOW during tVCS the device may draw higher than typical POR current during tVCS but will not exceed the maximum, and the level of CS# will not affect the Cold Reset EA. Can you also check if the device is consuming this current.


                If you are not observing this two then there is a good chance that the device has gone bad.


                Thanks and Regards,