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    ACKMe Web App Customization on Wiced projects



      is it possible to use/customize ACKMe Web App to be running in Wiced development environment? I am using Wiced as I want to develop a Wifi based sensor platform(in-wall 230V smart power meter, humidity, temperature, occupancy, air quality, UV, Lightning,...) and want to develop the firmware directly on the ACKMe Wifi module without additional microcontroller. That's why I prefere Wiced and want to extend the web app to display a short overview of each sensor connected to the module for the very first time.

      Yesterday I came across this great tutorial "Customizing the WiConnect Web App" and I was surprised by the JavaScript tools (MVC, Node for dev environment....) being used on the web app project. Great!!!! Last year I gave NodeJS, AngularJS (MVC), Bootstrap/Angular-Material (CSS) , MongoDB (MEAN Stack) a try. These web dev tools a awesome!!!!


      Attached are the first sensor board prototypes I want code the FW drivers for using Wiced


      Thanks in advance!