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    Display crashes during run cy8ckit-028 on Cyckit-062-bt-wifi


      Hello, I am using the Cyckit-062-bt-wifi and drawing some colored circles and text on cy8ckit-028 (eink display) after about a minute the screen goes white. I created a Rtos task that reRuns the TFT_Init(); and   UG_Init(&gui, TFT_SetPixel, 320, 240);   with a button press, this brings back my display (my circles and text come back) but it seems to go white again very quickly.
        I suspect I have a stack management issue, or that I am accidentally written to some config variable, maybe from the other core.
      This is my first attempt at using dual cores with an MCU, I wrote 1 application for a single board computer that used multiple threads and I had to lock varriables while using them from each thread so that other threads didn't try and access them at the same time, I don't see that with the RTOS system, Do I write something myself?

      I would like to control my hardware from the C0 core and do user interface with the cortex M4.








      My goal with this project will leave the MCU running 24/7 for 3 months at a time using 5 quadrature encoders on 5 seperate motors, and a couple  pnumatic cylinders with limit switches, and some other signal IO, I'd like to have the little display, and a wifi, user interface, but I can't have it freeze every minute or 2.