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    Debugging with target isolation


      Our company is working in several projects using PSoC 4 BLE uC. PN CY8C4248LQI-BL583


      Right now we're using this uC for a design that operates some power actuators based on Relays. The micro can be flashed and debugged without problems using KitProg included in CY8CKIT-059 kit. The application runs also properly without debugger once it's already flashed.


      The problem arises when turning on a power load in debug mode. Due to spikes the KitProg debugger becomes hanged and debug session broken. That's something expected and has happened in the past using other uC's, basically due to power switching spikes affecting the debugger tool.


      There are some measures to avoid this problem.


      - Using filters, specially ferrites at cables. We've tested but it has been proved useless.

      - to use a SWD isolator at the target side.


      We've tested a SWD isolator for the 5 lines (VCC, GND, SCLK, RESET, SWDIO). We obviously power the target and the debugger independently.


      It works properly for flashing the microcontroller, but when trying to debug, following message is shown:


      Looking at the output window we notice that the problem comes from the reading operation.



      At this point, we go to PsoC programmer and run a read operation that works properly.


      At this point, and before going on with our investigations, we're wondering:


      1) What's the difference between the read operations during debug and read operations from PSoC programmer.


      2) Do you have a reference of a target isolator that can be used and you know is tested and working ?


      Thanks in advance,


      Ignasi Villagrasa.

      EGO Appliance Controls S.L.U.