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    PSoC 4000S ADC Programming


      Hi guys, happy Holidays. We're currently programming our design that is using a PSoC 4000S. We're using the example code from CE210311 http://www.cypress.com/file/230881/download to measure the voltage from a pin connected to a sensor in our device. When a voltage threshold is met we have a LED light up.


      We flashed the code into the system and the device was successfully programmed for about 10 times today. However after we stimulated the sensor for a while our device became unresponsive and could no longer successfully connect and be programmed again. We tried restarting the PSoC Creator and reconnecting the device to no avail.


      Does anyone have any suggestions as to what's causing the issue? We're going to solder a new board again tomorrow, but any tips are appreciated. Thanks!

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          Try to measure the VCCD voltage after you power the board.If the VCCD output is low than 1.7v, there is a large percent that the chip has broken.

          If need to do the further support, you can send your datasheet here.

          Whether you use the minprog3 to program, or others?

          Does the programming tools have broken down?

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            Hi we are using the KitProg to program the PSoC 4000S chip (CY8C4025FNI-S402T http://www.cypress.com/file/230631/download  ). We will check the voltage and see whether the chip is broken. I think that may be the more likely case.


            I think the KitProg we're using can still connect to the PSoC creator and flash the PSoC 4000S evaluation board that came with the KitProg so I think it's still functioning properly.

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              Hi upon further investigation, we found that the KitProg is drawing 25mA from our PCB. We think that may affect some of the programming/runtime operations of our design.


              I attached the code in the C file below for the board that we did manage to program and flash. Our code basically was if the input voltage from the VELO pin (this pin is connected to a sensor) dropped below 400u MV, a green LED on the PCB would blink. The code was successfully flashed to the chip, but when we tested the sensor the green LED did not consistently blink when the voltage dropped below 400u MV . After testing the sensor for a while, the board stopped responding to reprogramming attempts.


              We're pretty sure that we configured the ADC settings properly, but unless something went wrong software-wise we think the KitProg drawing 25 mA may be an issue.


              What's your opinion? Thanks


              image (1).png


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                Does the forum issue have been solved?

                Whether  the chip was  latch up when you give a high current in the GPIO?

                Could you clarify that the ADC input pin connection diagram?

                I guess it is a hardware connection issue.