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    questions regarding PSoC® 3 MFi

      I’ve recently found out about the Cypress MFi silicon family of products and  considering to develop an iPhone accessory product based on it –  Specifically interested in PSoC® 3 MFi.  I would like to ask a few questions regarding the PSoC 3 MFi silicon:

      1) Does the PSoC 3 support Charging Pass-Through feature for iphone?

      2) What’s the time-to-market given that I already have an application – Is  it difficult to connect an application to the accessory in your design?

      3) Can I get a sample board for development?

      4) What’s the pricing for this silicon in small quantities?

      5) What’s the average BOM of a product based on your silicon?

      6) Does Cypress provide a reference design schematics with low BOM parts?