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    Power save app given in demo not working for cypress CYW94343WWCD1


      Hello Support,


      I am evaluating the cypress module CYW94343WWCD1. And I have started using the power save example in the demo apps. I modified the application and Makefile as per the instruction is given  in the case: Application compatibility for cypress CYW94343WWCD1 .

      Now I am able to compile the app properly and also load into the module.

      In this app,  I have enabled the macro POWERSAVE_STANDALONE_TEST_DEEPSLEEP_ASSOC for standby associated sleep mode.

      After WLAN connection is done I am getting the print as ERROR: Unknown Command in the serial terminal. So I am guessing that the module is not going to power save.

      I am attaching the teraterm logs, Modified Makefile and modified application for reference.

      Do I need to make some more changes in the application to make it compatible?





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          The test.powersave app is originally written for 43907 platform, not really meant for 4343w platform, hence most of the cases you are receiving error because there is no underlying implementation for those console commands in 4343w. But instead, you can use the ping_powersave to check and measure the low power modes for 4343w. I can confirm the chip has 802.11 PS features enabled as you can also find the PM ioctl in 43xxx_Wi-Fi/libraries/test/wl_tool/4343WA1/common/include/devctrl_if/wlioctl_defs.h

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