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    PSoc Creator 4.2 and .a lib




      I have a third party library provided as a pre-compiled binary file with ".a" extension.

      How to link the precompiled .a file library in PSoc Creator 4.2?


      Thank you

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          Go to Project > Build Settings > ARM GCC 5.4-2016-q2-update > Linker > General > Additional Libraries >


          Then specify the filename without specifying the prefix lib and .a extension.  For example, "libsampleFile.a" will be written as "sampleFile" as shown below:


          This is because GCC will automatically add "lib" prefix to the library name.


          Also, add the path to the directory which contains the file in the "Additional Library Directories" seen in the figure.


          Now build your project and your file library will get linked with PSoC Creator.




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            Thanks ddka.