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    Automation IO GATT Service with an Analog Characteristic


      I am in the process of creating an application that will use the Automation IO GATT Service with an Analog Characteristic.



      In the process of writing my code it threw up a warning on the expected data type for the analog parameter in the Send Notification function.


      uint16_t myAnalogValue;
      apiResult = Cy_BLE_AIOSS_SendNotification(appConnHandle, CY_BLE_AIOS_ANALOG, CY_BLE_AIOS_ANALOG, sizeof(myAnalogValue), &myAnalogValue);


      When I look at "Cy_BLE_AIOSS_SendNotification" function, I see that the value parameter is defined as uint8_t, while the default for an analog value is uint16_t.


      So, before I trawl through the generated source library code, to fathom my method to handle this, I simply wondered (weathers cold and brain like a battery) what's the recommended way to remove the warning.

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          Now that brain has warmed up I'm thinking a little clearer.


          The solution is relatively straightforward


          #define INSTANCE_ANALOG (0u)
          uint16_t myAnalogValue;
          uint8_t myByteArray[2];
          myByteArray[0] = (myAnalogValue & 0xFF);
          myByteArray[1] = (myAnalogValue >> 8);
          apiResult = Cy_BLE_AIOSS_SendNotification(appConnHandle, CY_BLE_AIOS_ANALOG, INSTANCE_ANALOG, sizeof(myByteArray), (uint8 *)&myByteArray );


          Now surely, this opens up the ability to send uint8_t array sizes of any length, which goes against the Automation IO Service analog value requirement of only using a uint16_t type for value with an exponent to show size.


          Hence I am suggesting that the API changes to only allowing uint16_t values and the size option is removed as a parameter.