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    Antenna matching task for PSoC 6 BLE


      Hi all,


      I am using PSoC 6 for our BLE product design and I am working on the antenna matching task.  For the antenna matching task, I would to setup the PSoC for Tx mode continuously in specific channel but I cannot find any software or Tools to help to make this Tx mode setup. 


      Any suggestion on it.

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          I also have such problem,who can help ?

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            Hello hulic_3610886,


            You will need to run the BLE stack in DTM mode - there are dedicated equipments that enable Tx or Rx mode for these testing and matching purposes. Refer to CE220272 for details on PSoC 6 DTM firmware and look for BLE HCI commands that enable the DTM Tx mode.


            Can you also refer to AN91445 section 14 for details on impedance matching? And see if that serves your need from HW perspective.


            If these materials do not serve your need let me know, I will help out.



            Meenakshi Sundaram R

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              Meenakshi Sundaram R,


              Thx for reply.  For DTM mode, I have read the document and I know there is a BLE chipset to use such interface for the Tx / Rx testing.  However, there is specific PC GUI or Tools provided by this chipset supplier to match to this DTM firmware for operation but I cannot see the similar GUI or tools from Cypress to do this. 


              As I am hardware engineer for the matching network design task, I may not build my own tools for such task.   For the matching task, I would like to setup the BLE RF to transmit continuously in specific channel without modulation and I cannot see any standard HCI command to achieve such function on it so the general BT tester may not implement such function on it. 


              In fact, I need only a simple reference code that to setup RF chip into Tx mode without modulation to be good enough for my application.





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                Hello Hung Li,


                In that please use the attached firmware (that I use internally for testing ). The attached firmware accepts some basic DTM commands from UART and perform the related action.


                For your use case, you can use the "tone" command which will output a constant Tx at the requested channel frequency.


                The command list that can be used with the example is below -


                UART CmdParametersDescription
                dtm_tx_start<channel_id> <packet_len> <payload_type>

                Direct test mode transmit start

                channel_id: 0-39

                packet_len: 0-255 and

                payload_type: 0-7


                /*DTM Payload type*/

                typedef enum


                    DTM_PKT_TYPE_PRBS9 = 0,







                UART Tx: dtm_tx_start 0 10 1

                UART response: DTM TX Success Ch: 0 Payload: 11110000, Len: 10


                Direct test mode receive start

                channel_id: 0-39



                UART Tx: dtm_rx_start 0

                UART response: DTM RX Success Ch: 0


                Direct Test Mode and Tone Stop

                Output “Num Packets” indicates the number of packet received while in DTM RX mode



                UART Tx: dtm_stop

                UART response: DTM Stop Success, RX packets: 0


                Continuous wave form

                channel_id: 0-39



                UART Tx: tone 0

                UART response: DTM Tone Success Ch: 0


                Try this and let me know if this address your requirement.



                Meenakshi Sundaram R