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    BLE mesh/ can't scan my evk with meshlighting.apk




      I am using CYW92070xV3_EVAL and WICED studio 6.1,my make target is "snip.mesh.mesh_onoff_server-CYW920706WCDEVAL LEGACY_BOARD=1 download"

      But when i use app to add device ,can't scan my 20706.


      my log as shown below:

      setup nvram ids: net_key_max_num:4 app_key_max_num:8 3c-75

      Mesh Start

      [Rx]mesh_management_cback: 15

      management_cback: LOCAL_IDENTITY_KEYS_REQUEST_EVT: result:0 keys:

      mesh_management_cback: 0

      ***** Free mem before app_init:34684

      ## mesh_application_init ##

      wiced_bt_[Rx]gatt_register: 0

      ds1:0x00504000, len:0x0007e000

      ds2:0x00582000, len:0x0007e000

      platform btp: Config_DS_Location 0x00003000, Confi[Rx]g_VS_Location:0x00001000

      WARNING: Upgrade will fail - active DS is not one of the expected locations

      WARNING: Are ConfigDSLocation and DLConfigVSLocation in the .btp set up as in nv_loc_len[]?

      mesh_application_init: wiced_bt_mesh_core_ota_fw_upgrade_init failed

      [Rx]mesh_application_init: unprovisioned GATT DB status:0

      ***** Free mem after app_init:33156[Rx]