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    What is the burst length in endpoint configuration?


      In FX3 firmware, CyU3PEpConfig_t has a field named burstLen. It is the Maximum burst length in packets according to the FX3 SDK Firmware API Guide. But I still do not know how it makes difference in application. Does it affect slave FIFO transferring? Is there any explanation about the concept of burst in the datasheet?

      Thank you

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          Please refer to Universal Serial Bus 3.2 Specification Chapter 4.4.1:


          Data Bursting enhances efficiency by eliminating the wait time for acknowledgements on a per data packet basis. Each endpoint on an Enhanced SuperSpeed device indicates the number of packets that it can send/receive (called the maximum data burst size) before it has to wait for an explicit handshake. Maximum data burst size is an individual endpoint capability; a host determines an endpoint’s maximum data burst size from the SuperSpeed Endpoint Companion descriptor associated with this endpo int (refer to Section 9.6.7).




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