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    How can I make a programmable latch 16/8 bits? Is there an example that gives me a headstart?

      I want to make a comparator 16 bits wide,  i want to be able to store the value to compare to from the software.

      When the 16 value on 16 inputs equals the stored value, a latch signal should be sent to a 8 bit wide latch that latches 8 inputs to a read-buffer.

      The latch signal should also be readable by software to indicate a new 8 bit value is present.


      Another option would be to have 16 inputs and 8 inputs latched on an external signal, so that they can be read by the software.


      The intended usage would be investigating an 8 bit CPU, preferable in-circuit by probing the address and databus.


      Would be nice if the latches could be read by means of interrupt which fills a buffer, in a sort of DMA way.


      Is that possible with a PSoC5LP?