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    CYUSB3314 Windows 10 support

      Hi to all,


      we used CYUSB3314 in previous project.

      Are there any known issues with Windows 10?

      Are there known issues with different REV or DateCode?


      DATE CODE "1401 A" seems to work, but "1443 C" returns windows error like "(CM_PROB_FAILED_ADD)" and followed by "ENUMERATION failed" .


      Here output from USB Tree View:

      +++++++++++++++++ Device Information ++++++++++++++++++
      Device Description       : Generic SuperSpeed USB Hub
      Device Path              : \\.\USB#VID_2C34&PID_6504#6&72ad750&0&3#{f18a0e88-c30c-11d0-8815-00a0c906bed8}
      Device ID                : USB\VID_2C34&PID_6504\6&72AD750&0&3
      Driver KeyName           : {36fc9e60-c465-11cf-8056-444553540000}\0019 (GUID_DEVCLASS_USB)
      Driver                   : C:\Windows\System32\drivers\UsbHub3.sys (Version: 10.0.17134.228  Date: 2018-08-03)
      Driver Inf               : C:\Windows\inf\usbhub3.inf
      Legacy BusType           : PNPBus
      Class                    : USB
      Service                  : USBHUB3
      Enumerator               : USB
      Location Info            : Port_#0003.Hub_#0002


      Manufacturer Info        : (Standard USB HUBs)
      Capabilities             : 0x64 (Removable, SilentInstall, RawDeviceOK)
      Address                  : 3
      Problem Code             : 31 (CM_PROB_FAILED_ADD)


      Power State              : D3 (supported: D0, D1, D2, D3, wake from D0, wake from D1, wake from D2)


              ---------------- Connection Information ---------------
      Connection Index         : 0x03 (3)
      Connection Status        : 0x02 (DeviceFailedEnumeration)


      Current Config Value     : 0x00
      Device Address           : 0x14 (20)
      Is Hub                   : 0x01 (yes)
      Number Of Open Pipes     : 0x00 (0)
      Device Bus Speed         : 0x03 (SuperSpeed)

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          Hi Thomas,


          I have not heard about any issue like yours. In fact, I just have one CY4603 which includes CYUSB3314. It works fine with WIN10.

          In addition, Cypress makes some changes from Rev A to Rev C/D. You could check the latest datasheet for information.


          As for your question, I have two concerns here.

          1. How do you get the error message CM_PROB_FAILED_ADD? In any software?

          2. Cypress's VID is 0x04b4 not 0x2C34. Do you paste the wrong information?