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    8 bit slave FiFO APP start and stop function.


      Hi all,

      I am working on Cypress fx3 GPIF II . I have doubt on "CyFxSlFifoApplnStart" and "CyFxSlFifoApplnStop" funtion in slave FIFO. This function is called inside USB event of

      CyFxSlFifoApplnUSBEventCB (CyU3PUsbEventType_t  evtype, uint16_t evdata).

      Q1. is it possible to call "CyFxSlFifoApplnStart" in SlFifoAppThread_Entry?. and what will happen ?.

      Q2. is it need to call every time CyFxSlFifoApplnStop funtion?. if it is not calling what will happen?.



      Thank you

      Best Regards,

      Thrimurthi M