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    CYM43438 List Commands



      I am working with raspberry pi zero w, and he use BCM43438 (bluetooth and wifi). I downloaded the pdf from cypress about BCM43438, but have only tecnical spcifications. I need the list of commands.. I cant found in anywhere. I searched in google, github's and in many sites, but only poor informations.


      Plz, I am developing a new OS, ans i not using any linux version, and i whant to use bluetooth and wifi from raspberry pi zero w, and not need to use third party modules.




      Ty a lot for help

      And sry for my english


      Moacir Jr.

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          Well, i am making progress... after many googles, i discovered 2 commands:


          Reset {0x01 0x03 0x0c 0x00}

          Set Frequency {x01, 0x14, 0xfc, 0x07, 0x00, 0x00, 0x00, 0x00, 0x00, 0x00, 0x00}


          And all return OK... but i am not founded how i start bluetooth, acitve him, set name device and etc etc etc...


          All help will be welcome.


          ty a lot

          Moacir Jr.

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            I thanks everyone who read this post, and who replied, but i give up to use bluetooth and wifi from this BCM43438 or CYW43438... its impossible, about poor documentation, much confuse, poor samples, poor everything.


            The chip have many many possiblities, and not only linux to use.. With Bare metal, its possible do many things.


            What the problem to release right documentation? I not speaking about schematic, but how to use. I founded many many PDF's, but not complete about commands, for example... All confuse and left information. I learned now to RESET, in a forum, github, not in cypress documentation...


            Microchip for example. MCU from this enterprise are greate, and the documentation is complete, detailed. The examples, about everything, is enormous, samples, many samples. Arduino the same.


            I will decide to use third party modules for wifi, cable ethernet and bluetooth. I will stop lose my time trying understand how works, activate, setting and etc about this BCM43438 or CYM43438.


            sorry for this rush, but I lose many time, about more 2 weeks, searching and trying understand BCM43438, reading lots of linux code (confuse as well) and i am frustated... Not about community, because i learned so much ?




            Ty all

            Moacir Jr.

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              I'm adding our Applications Team as they may be able to provide some clarity on your specific questions about Raspberry Pi to Cypress Wi-Fi integration, but in general, we only engage with WiFi and Wi-Fi Combo designs through Module Partners (a list is here: IoT Solutions Guide).  Their MCU and MPU support pretty much defines which processor needs to be used (none offer Rpi options).  For their WICED based modules, STM32 F411/412 is common, but for Linux based implementations, i.MX (NXP/Freescale) is pretty much the standard.


              You appear to be interested in Linux, so I would recommend the very popular 4343W, which is essentially the same device as the 43438, but in a slightly different package. This device is also supported within the NXP i.MX standard Linux distribution and partners like Murata (Type 1DX) provide detailed user's guides to get the i.MX + 1DX solution up and running.


              If all you need is a black box module to talk to from the Raspberry Pi processor, then you may want to look at one of our partners named Inventek that provided serial AT like access to their modules through a higher level interface they've written called IWIN.


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                HI MichaelF_56,


                I thanks so much for this response, and sry for my post...

                Well, i am doing a SO (new, diferent from linux), and i need to talk from BCM2835 (Rpi) to BCM43438 (wifi and BT), in the same board (like rpi zero w and rpi3)... Rpi do not have any documentation about this, is so poor, and i see the all documentations that cypress have about this chip, then i wanted to see some documentation, that demosntrate the commands, in UART for BT for sample, to interact with the BCM43438. I think the firmware of the BCM43438 for Rpi was customized, but the basics commands, like reset and change frequency, that i tested, i send through uart, works well, but in documentation from cypress, i founded pieces of commands...


                For example, in a github, i founded like that:

                Reset  BT Sequence {0x01 0x03 0x0c 0x00}

                Set Frequency  BT Sequence {x01, 0x14, 0xfc, 0x07, 0x00, 0x00, 0x00, 0x00, 0x00, 0x00, 0x00}


                But i do not found any about this... What is this codes? I founded reset = 0x03, but i founded reset =0x01 in the same documentation...  and what is 0x01 (i think is start transmission), 0x0c (?), 0x00 (i think is end transmission).

                ]and how is the return ? When is ok and when do error?


                And I am working only with BT now, I am very worried, when i will work with the wifi....


                I hope made me unsdertand, and please, sry for my english, is terrible, i know...


                I will se this optons that you send me...




                Ty a lot

                Moacir Jr.

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                  Could you look into the following document in WICED



                  to know more on the HCI commands.