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    CY7C64215-56LTXC freezing and debug options

      Hello there, I have been looking for an option to fix my broken controller (Saitek Pro Yoke) which uses the 56 pin version of CY7C64215 (CY7C64215-56LTXC)


      I took a look over the components and tested most of them for damages and burns however everything seems normal which is proven by the states the device ends up when plugged in. When connected one of the following happens:


      1. (1 in 1000 chance) the device loads and is working properly, all buttons and axis are working - which proves there are no short circuits on the IO

      2. The device freezes right after plugged in even before the HID descriptors are sent [windows shows "Unknown USB Device (Device Descriptor Request Failed)"] the device has its own LCD display that is frozen as well

      3. The device freezes right after sending the descriptors to windows - the device appears as functioning in windows, however no data are being transmitted and device is stuck.


      A: My first question out of curiosity, has anyone experienced such a with freezing processor (maybe its just usb communication). The thing that bugs me most is that sometimes its work just fine.


      B: Is there any possibility to debug it using PSoC designer or something else over USB or I2C? I dont have the original code, but I would be mainly interested to see if there is any debug output or way to access logs. -> They may prove that the processor is not stuck at all or maybe prove that NP = P


      Thank you for all your replies


      PS: I understand that my chances to repair it are very low, so I will probably end up building new HID interface anyway, so feel free to give any destructive ideas