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    FM4-176L-S6E2DH writing on hyperflash to change an image at runtime



      a customer is asking me to freely change an image Logo through a USB Mass Storage.

      I wrote the code to read from the USB Mass Storage, and it works fine.

      My problem is to change the Logo image.

      Consider that this logo always resides in the very begininng of the HyperFlash (that should be at address 0xC0000000) and that it is a 480x272 pixel 24bpp BMP, so the whole size, including the header, is 391700 bytes (20 bytes for the header and 391680 bytes for the bitmap data).


      I tried many examples without success, both from sample codes and from datasheets (for example AN218684).


      My hardware and software configuaration is exactly the same as per the FM4-176L-S6E2DH eval board).


      Can you suggest me a solution?


      Thank you very much in advance