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    smallest pad capsense

      could we make a tiny captouch FPC that is ~1.5mm wide, and 20-25mm long (so we can get swiping and 3 zones of touch)?


      Are there design tools to help with simulation?


      We are using the CY8C4025FNI-S412.


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          You can use a three-segment slider to get three different areas of touch.


          For swipe gestures, you could use the gesture library in the CapSense component. But they are available only in CY84045 devices.

          You can check in the device selector of PSoC Creator to check if gestures features are supported in a particular device. (You can find Y/w gestures under the CapSense column, if gestures are supported)


          If you are looking for layout and schematic design tools, you could use any standard tool for PCB design available in industry.