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    HDMI source over USB-C


      regarding: Block diagram: New HDMI Source



      Where I can find suitable application note?


      We have source Device with USB3.0 signals, and HDMI output (this is DC-coupled in opposite to DP) and some DDC(SDA,SCL), CEC outputs

      So we have to send the above signals DDC&CEC over CC1/CC2 channel, detect HPD from CC1 and SBU1. We do not need HEAC.

      Note, 900mA sourcing is enough.

      Proper MUX and USB-PD controller needed.


      Can you advice here?


      Per TI note (http://www.ti.com/lit/an/slla333/slla333.pdf ) there is difference in HDMI output connection to muxes, and few other points to consider.




      Grzegorz .

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          Hi Grzegorz,


          It is better way to contact local Cypress FAE or Rep with your request and then get the reference schematic for your design directly. Cypress have such design for USB3.0 host, HDMI source solution.


          There are no application notes available for this solution so far.


          Best Regards,