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    Cypress PK51 license for PSoC Creator



      I use from few month the Cypress Pscoc designer IDE that make use of the Cypress-specific Keil PK51 toolchain.


      From today when I launch the IDE, it prompts me to register a new licence:

      "The license for the Cypress-specific Keil PK51 toolchain has expired. You will not be able to use the toolchain to build PSoC3 designs. Use this registration dialog to register/renew the license. This dialog has been opened because your Keil PK51 license is expired or nearly expired. You can also open this dialog from the Help ->Register menu. If you don't want to be reminded when PSoC Creator starts, you may disable this dialog in the Tools->Options->Project Management menu."


      So I click to go to register licence on: https://www.keil.com/license/install.htm?C=CTJN6-9506D&P=IKA1P-M6Q0E-8W7ST


      But the registration form submission fails with this error message :

      " Problems were detected with the information submitted. Please correct these issues and re-submit the form.


      A problem was encountered with your Serial Number. Please contact Technical Support and report code 9939 for assistance with your installation. They will work quickly to help you obtain the proper license code for your product."


      So I ask to the Keil-arm support to help me, they responds me:


      "this is a known issue with this free-of-charge Cypress PK51 license. This license has expired recently, which Cypress has not yet renewed the contract with us. More info please refer to this post http://www.keil.com/forum/64003/"


      Really this licence expiration would not have been a problem if when I compile my project no error are displayed but when I programm the project on my CYBLE-202007-01 BLE module, the programmation is OK but nothing run in the module. With the same project with the not expired licence all was working properly.


      What can I do to be able to compile my project properly again? I don't want to have to purchase a licence from Keil as it's mentionned somewhere on this Keil support posts.