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    BLE stack gets stuck in assert during reapeted connect/disconnect tests




      I have to PSoC6 devices that talk BLE with each other. One is acting in a purely peripheral role, while the other acts in both central and peripheral roles. I am running a robustness test of our product where the central device connects, stays connected for 2 s, disconnects, stays disconnected for 2 s and then connects again. After running this test for a couple of minutes, the central node gets into Cy_SysLib_Halt().


      The stack trace reveals that the following assert is triggered in Cy_BLE_GetConnHandleByBdHandle():


          if(cHandle.attId == CY_BLE_INVALID_CONN_HANDLE_VALUE)


              /* HALT in debug mode */

              CY_ASSERT(cHandle.attId != CY_BLE_INVALID_CONN_HANDLE_VALUE);



      Stack trace:


      Cy_SysLib_Halt() at cy_syslib.c:144 0x10061330

      Cy_SysLib_AssertFailed() at cy_syslib.c:177 0x1006134c

      Cy_BLE_GetConnHandleByBdHandle() at cy_ble_gap.h:968 0x10060076

      Cy_BLE_EventHandler() at cy_ble_event_handler.c:598 0x10060076

      CyBle_HciCb() at 0x100cb566

      hci_transport_read_data() at 0x100cf8be

      CyBle_StackTaskHandler() at 0x100c63d0

      OS_scheduler() at 0x100c6a02

      <---- my code calls Cy_BLE_ProcessEvents();


      tEvParam in Cy_BLE_EventHandler() is as follows:


      tEvParam cy_stc_ble_gap_connected_param_t * 0x80211e8 <ucHeap+1944>

      status uint8_t 12 '\f'

      bdHandle uint8_t 0 '\0'

      role uint8_t 0 '\0'

      peerAddrType uint8_t 0 '\0'

      peerAddr uint8_t [6] 0x8001952

      peerAddr[0] uint8_t 12 '\f'

      peerAddr[1] uint8_t 1 '\001'

      peerAddr[2] uint8_t 13 '\r'

      peerAddr[3] uint8_t 32 ' '

      peerAddr[4] uint8_t 1 '\001'

      peerAddr[5] uint8_t 15 '\017'

      connIntv uint16_t 4

      connLatency uint16_t 0

      supervisionTO uint16_t 45945

      masterClockAccuracy uint8_t 12 '\f'

      tconnHandle cy_stc_ble_conn_handle_t {...}

      bdHandle uint8_t 255 'ÿ'

      attId uint8_t 255 'ÿ'

      event cy_en_ble_event_t <optimized out>

      evParam void * 0x80211e8 <ucHeap+1944>


      I don't recognize peerAddr at all, I think it is garabge data