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    How to reset WDT in PSoc 4200?


      There are a number of examples that work OK. Watchdog_PSoc4_Example is a great example on how to set up the WDT, and it dutifully resets the processor after six timers interrupts on Timer0:


      /* Setup ISR for interrupts at WDT counter 0 events. */



          /* Enable global interrupts. */



           /* Set WDT counter 0 to generate interrupt on match */

           CySysWdtWriteMode(CY_SYS_WDT_COUNTER0, CY_SYS_WDT_MODE_INT);

           CySysWdtWriteMatch(CY_SYS_WDT_COUNTER0, WDT_COUNT0_MATCH);

           CySysWdtWriteClearOnMatch(CY_SYS_WDT_COUNTER0, 1u);


           /* Enable WDT counters 0 and 1 cascade */



           /* Set WDT counter 1 to generate reset on match */

           CySysWdtWriteMatch(CY_SYS_WDT_COUNTER1, WDT_COUNT1_MATCH);


          CySysWdtWriteClearOnMatch(CY_SYS_WDT_COUNTER1, 1u);


           /* Enable WDT counters 0 and 1 */



           /* Lock WDT registers and try to disable WDT counters 0 and 1 */







      As I understand it, a Timer0 match increments Timer1, and when Timer1 gets a match, the processor is reset. I get the requisite number of interrupts before the reset occurs, so I think I get the concept.


      I cannot find a description of how to keep the WDT from firing, but it seems that

      CySysWdtResetCounters( CY_SYS_WDT_COUNTER1);

      in the main loop should do the trick, presuming, of course, that my understanding of the timer relationships is correct, and that I hit it often enough.

      That does not appear to work, or something else is going awry.


      Am I close?


      I'm having a bear of a time debugging as the debugger keeps detaching, which I suppose could be something to do with the WDT, as if I comment out the WDT code, the debugger behaves more rationally.

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          Further study reveals that the correct call is to CySysWatchdogFeed(), which does call CySysWdtResetCounters(), but with a different register ID, so I was kind of close.


          Still working on it, but gaining a bit of ground.

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            OK. I finally futzed around with this enough to get it "working".

            I don't have a WCO, so ILO feeds LFCLK, which drives Timer0 (65535 divider = ~2 seconds).


            Prior to the main loop,

            CySysWdtEnable( CY_SYS_WDT_COUNTER0_MASK);


            In the main loop:



            I have test code that allows me to push a button to enter a for(;;), and the watchdog trips after ~2 seconds.


            So, several days have been spent getting half a dozen lines of code to work. But it's a matter of picking the right half dozen lines of code!



            The test code that I got to work ( and ported to my project) is:

            int main(void)


              uint32 x = 0;

                /* Place your initialization/startup code here (e.g. MyInst_Start()) */



              if(CySysGetResetReason(CY_SYS_RESET_WDT) == CY_SYS_RESET_WDT )



                LED_R_ON(); // turn on the red LED

                while(1);     // hang




              for( int i = 0; i < 20; i++)


                  LED_B_Write( x & 1);     //     Toggle the Blue LED so we know something's going on


                  // If you don't feed the WDT it will cause a reset in ~3 seconds




              /*  NOW it will hang, and in about 3 seconds, the

                  Watchdog will fire and the red LED will blink.  */