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    CYW20719 snip.bt.spp


      When appear “Power mgmt status event: bd (14 5f 94 1c 5c 14 ) status:2 hci_status:0”,it often  "SPP pool count:3 free:3 flow_off:1", so the data cannot send in time.

      When  appear "Power mgmt status event: bd (14 5f 94 1c 5c 14 ) status:0 hci_status:0" ,then "SPP pool count:3 free:3 flow_off:0",so data can send in time.


      How can I do to keep "Power mgmt status event: bd (14 5f 94 1c 5c 14 ) status:0", Thanks!



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                  p_power_mgmt_notification = &p_event_data->power_mgmt_notification;

                  WICED_BT_TRACE("Power mgmt status event: bd (%B) status:%d hci_status:%d\n", p_power_mgmt_notification->bd_addr, \

                          p_power_mgmt_notification->status, p_power_mgmt_notification->hci_status);


                  //  I add some code as as below.   Every few seconds it enter status:2 again.

                 // How to disable enter status:2






                      else WICED_BT_TRACE("error\n");




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            Hi user_3082361,


            Status : 2 indicates that the device is entering to sniff mode,giving status WICED_POWER_STATE_SNIFF with status code 2.

            Can you try putting following code and see if it works:


            if (p_power_mgmt_notification->status == WICED_POWER_STATE_SNIFF)


                        result = wiced_bt_dev_cancel_sniff_mode( p_power_mgmt_notification->bd_addr );

                        WICED_BT_TRACE("sniff mode cancel = %d", result);



            The API returns WICED_BT_PENDING after successful cancellation of sniff mode.

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              SheetalJ_96  Thank you for your reply.


              Yes,it works

              but every few seconds it enter  WICED_POWER_STATE_SNIFF again.

              how to keep in WICED_POWER_STATE_ACTIVE

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                Regarding the final question Roso asks, "how to keep in WICED_POWER_STATE_ACTIVE"...

                Roso, did you resolve the issue?

                or Sheetal, is there a recommendation. If appropriate, please re-direct to a new thread/post where the question of how to keep in WICED_POWER_STATE_ACTIVE is answered.

                There is some reference inforation in the  @ API Reference: WICED Studio 6.2.1 (CYW20719) though the question isn't specifically answered.



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                  Hi Greg,


                  Continuing this discussion on WICED_POWER_STATE_SNIFF